Our Approach

One Home at a Time, Times A Lot.

How do you address complex problems facing forward-thinking communities?

We solve problems by identifying real barriers to action. We bring together ideas and interests, design innovative solutions, deploy them, and measure for continued progress. Our change-making work rests on a few basic principles:

A Clear Mission.

As a non-profit, our objective oversight and passion for what we do means we are uniquely trusted. Residents, partners and clients place their confidence in our integrated expertise and ability to get the job done right.

Public-Private Collaboration.

Enhabit works with forward-looking public agencies, utilities and foundations that recognize the importance of homes as a foundation for thriving residents and vibrant communities. Building on 25 successful public-private partnerships, Enhabit leverages infrastructure to activate trade ally networks, technical experts, quality oversight, community advocates, financing partnerships, and convenient homeowner solutions to deliver measurable energy-saving outcomes.

Customer-Ready Perspective.

Enhabit trusted Home Performance Advisors have experience working directly with contractors and homeowners, aligning goals, managing the process, addressing homeowner questions, and providing technical guidance for contractors.

Strong Trade Ally Networks.

Enhabit’s established expertise in engaging, assessing and collaborating with construction trades leads to better onboarding, improved performance and high quality field work. This framework provides for successful management of contractors and installers, delivers new market opportunities, and builds a strong and sustainable channel.